Adaptiv Structure Solutions

Utilizing all Losberger De Boer structure tents, ADAPTIV Structure Solutions was able to accommodate Luna Rossa’s (Prada’s racing team) extensive needs for their America’s Cup 2013 base. The pre-planning began with a trip to Italy to meet with Prada’s design team. Since Prada did not have a presence in the United States, ADAPTIV acted as general contractor and head of logistics while working with San Francisco authorities for permits and logistical planning. The scope of work was originally set for a two-week install, but once we began, the scope of work drastically changed with client additions. This led to our team being on-site for installation for three months. 


Luna Rossa’s base camp was set on an old pier in the heart of San Francisco and consisted of numerous separate structures: a functioning office building, a hospitality tent with complete kitchen, a fully-equipped gym with showers and a locker room, a sail loft tent for sail manufacturing, and a large storage tent complete with all their boat manufacturing and repair needs. The base was self-contained with everything that the racing team and staff needed for their four- month stay in San Francisco.


The biggest challenge for this installation was meeting and exceeding the high expectations for the fit and finish that Prada required for these spaces. All the interior and exterior finishes, fixtures, and build-outs had to meet Prada’s specific color palette and style – nothing but the absolute best would be accepted, and we were happy to deliver.