Adaptiv Structure Solutions

ADAPTIV Structure Solutions was hired by Oracle Racing to build their main structure in support of their America’s Cup Campaign in Valencia, Spain, where BMW Oracle Racing won the “deed of gift” match in their multihull yacht. The structure was 40m x 75m and shipped from the U.S. with arrival originally scheduled for Christmas Eve. Weather held back one of the two cargo ships and the one-week install was compressed down to five days. Oracle and ADAPTIV Structure Solutions worked together to ensure all our inventory made it through customs and the team had no issues getting through immigration and being allowed to work in another country. 

The compressed installation schedule was not the only trial on the project. The bigger challenge ended up being the ease and availability of local resources. With everything arriving on Christmas Eve and the build scheduled for the holiday week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, most of Valencia was shut down, from the restaurants to the hardware stores and

local labor. With only five installers on site, and no major retail outlets for supplies, the team had to be creative and innovative while maintaining the company’s safety standards to ensure the project met the timeline.

The structure took two days to decommission. The overall project was a success and was a great experience for the company.