Adaptiv Structure Solutions

Project Overview:


ADAPTIV Structure Solutions was tasked with creating a custom 10m (33’) tall Losberger De Boer Arcum structure for a high-profile celebrity charity event. The goal was to maximize usable space over a restricted area, specifically the homeowner’s private tennis court. The structure needed to accommodate the event’s requirements, including space for attendees, lighting, projections, and other unique elements.


Project Details:


  • Structure Type: The project involved the construction of a custom 10m tall Arcum structure. The Arcum design, with its distinctive curved arches, not only provided an aesthetic appeal but also offered practical advantages in terms of usable space and structural stability.
  • Custom Design: The structure was tailored to fit within the confined area of the private tennis court. Custom corners and tops were incorporated into the design to optimize the available space, ensuring that every square foot was used effectively. This approach showcased ADAPTIV’s expertise in creating adaptable solutions for challenging environments.
  • Enhanced Load Capacity: To accommodate unique lighting and projection options, additional perlins were introduced into the roof design. These perlins not only increased the hanging weight limit but also provided creative opportunities to enhance the event’s visual experience through innovative lighting and projection setups.
  • Installation Process: The installation of the Arcum structure was a remarkable feat in itself. A 110-ton Hydraulic Crane was utilized to safely lift the 33′ x 115′ arches of the structure over a large terrace and position them precisely. The meticulous execution of this task demonstrated ADAPTIV’s commitment to safety and precision in their projects.
  • Seamless Finish: Instead of using traditional concrete blocks or bolts, the structure was ballasted with trench plates. This approach not only provided the necessary stability but also ensured a seamless finish around the exterior of the structure. The attention to detail in maintaining a polished appearance highlighted ADAPTIV’s dedication to aesthetics and quality.


Event Details:


  • Date: February 21, 2019
  • Location: The project was carried out at a private residence in Beverly Hills, CA, a location known for its upscale and glamorous reputation.
  • Size and Area: The Arcum structure covered an area of 2,000 square feet, measuring 17.5m x 35m x 10m. Despite the restricted space over the homeowner’s tennis court, ADAPTIV successfully designed and installed a spacious and impressive structure that met the event’s needs.




The ADAPTIV Structure Solutions team successfully rose to the challenge presented by the celebrity charity event. Through innovative design, precise engineering, and meticulous installation, they transformed a private tennis court into an exquisite venue for the event. The custom Arcum structure not only showcased their technical prowess but also demonstrated their ability to create adaptable solutions that blend functionality, aesthetics, and practicality seamlessly. This project stands as a testament to ADAPTIV’s capabilities in crafting unique structures that cater to the specific demands of high-profile events in even the most confined spaces.