Adaptiv Structure Solutions

Navigating Challenges and Innovations: ADAPTIV’s Evolution with the Frieze Art Fair

The collaboration between ADAPTIV Structure Solutions and the Frieze Art Fair in Los Angeles exemplifies a story of perseverance, innovation, and adaptability in the face of complex challenges. From their initial role as a subcontractor to becoming the primary partner, ADAPTIV’s journey showcases their expertise, problem-solving capabilities, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Over the course of three years, the partnership evolved through changing venues, intricate structural designs, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.


Year One: Conquering Constraints at Paramount Studios

ADAPTIV Structure Solutions entered the picture during the inaugural Los Angeles Frieze Art Fair, held at Paramount Studios. This unique venue presented a series of formidable obstacles. The team had to work within the confines of an active movie production lot, dealing with tight schedules and restricted access hours. Moreover, the challenge was heightened by the need to build structures over a space frequently used for ocean scenes in films. ADAPTIV’s role as a subcontractor allowed them to showcase their capabilities, which included superior products, a proficient inventory, a skilled team, and a knack for creative problem-solving. These qualities caught the attention of the main client, ultimately leading to a pivotal shift in the partnership.


Year Two: Demonstrating Excellence and Gaining Trust

After proving their mettle as a subcontractor, ADAPTIV was approached by the main client to take on a more direct role in the project’s execution. The second year of collaboration saw the Frieze Art Fair relocate to an open lot near the Beverly Hilton, a venue with a unique set of challenges. The uneven terrain and the need to create 125,000 square feet of level gallery space demanded innovative solutions. Despite the city’s lack of experience with temporary projects of this magnitude, ADAPTIV collaborated closely with both the city and the client to ensure successful building inspections. The event at the Beverly Hilton was a testament to ADAPTIV’s commitment to overcoming challenges while maintaining the aesthetic vision.


Year Three: Redefining Possibilities at Santa Monica Airport

In its third year, the Frieze Art Fair required yet another change of venue due to space limitations. The event shifted to the Santa Monica Airport, presenting ADAPTIV with a unique opportunity to showcase their capabilities on an even larger scale. The challenge was to create a gallery space spanning over 150,000 square feet with varying elevations. The team’s innovative spirit shone through as they devised a proprietary and custom scaffolding system, designed scaffolding-to-structure attachments, and integrated elements such as brackets, railings, stairs, and translucent tops. These innovations not only ensured level spaces but also adhered to the desired aesthetic.


A Partnership that Thrives on Challenges

The evolving partnership between ADAPTIV Structure Solutions and the Frieze Art Fair serves as a remarkable case study in adaptability and innovation. From navigating the constraints of Hollywood studios to transforming open lots and active airports into captivating art spaces, ADAPTIV’s journey highlights their ability to conquer complex challenges. Their role in enabling the Frieze Art Fair to create remarkable events in unconventional spaces exemplifies their dedication to pushing the boundaries of structural solutions. As they look forward to an expanded event in 2024, the partnership’s legacy is one of creativity, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence.