Adaptiv Structure Solutions

ADAPTIV Structure Solutions was originally contracted to install a 50m x 85m structure in Las Vegas that was to operate as a temporary sound stage. After the facility was operational, the show produced within was such a success that our clients, Caesar’s Entertainment and Scientific Games, asked us to assist in making this a permanent building. We worked with the client’s architect, designer, engineers, the building department and various other professionals to re-engineer, modify and customize the interior and exterior of the facility to comply

with all permanent codes. What started as a two-week project ended up being completed in less than six months, which met the client’s timeline.

Based on our previous success and our ability to be very innovative, we have been brought back on board with the same team for another permanent facility design and build of a similar scale. This new project will be an attached two-facility structure with hard walls and a hard roof that will become an interactive music experience/show. It is being designed for a

load to support extensive audio and video equipment including LED walls, speakers and lighting. The facility will also feature

an LED dance floor, a bar with food and beverages, restrooms and back-of-house operational areas all of which will meet permanent building codes. Our scope will be completed by October 1, 2019 with the overall project completion date set for

January 2020.