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ADAPTIV Structure Solution’s Remarkable Installation of Shell’s “Make the Future” Event: A Triumph of Engineering and Safety

In April 2019, the picturesque grounds of the Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California, witnessed a remarkable spectacle as ADAPTIV Structure Solution showcased its engineering prowess by crafting an exceptional environment for Shell’s “Make the Future” event. The installation was a symphony of innovation, combining intricate design, safety considerations, and state-of-the-art amenities to create an unforgettable experience. Let’s delve into the key aspects that made this installation a resounding success.


A Fusion of Elegance and Creativity: The Tents

The heart of the event’s infrastructure was undoubtedly the meticulously designed tents. ADAPTIV Structure Solution’s expertise shone brightly through the construction of these tents, which seamlessly blended form and function. Featuring a blend of glass walls and cassette walls, the tents exuded an air of elegance while providing a clear view of the surroundings. Custom decals adorned the roof panels and gable ends, further enhancing the visual appeal and brand representation.


Elevated Excellence: Flooring and Accessibility

One of the standout challenges was the presence of high-elevation surfaces within the event area. ADAPTIV Structure Solution tackled this with finesse by implementing an elevated and leveled Losberger De Boer floor system. This innovative solution not only provided a solid foundation but also ensured a comfortable experience for event attendees. Ensuring accessibility for all, ADA-compliant ramps and Steeldeck ramps/decks with guardrails were strategically positioned, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity and safety.


Illuminating the Way: High Bay Lights

Creating a vibrant atmosphere required adequate lighting. ADAPTIV Structure Solution met this requirement flawlessly by installing high bay lights throughout the tent. These lights not only illuminated the space but also set the stage for an immersive and engaging environment, capturing the essence of the event’s theme.


Safety First: Prioritizing Security on Site

In the realm of event installations, safety is paramount. ADAPTIV Structure Solution, in close collaboration with the client, upheld the highest safety standards. The crew’s well-being was diligently monitored throughout the installation process. To ensure compliance with safety protocols, the team followed Risk Assessment Methods (RAMS Documents) meticulously during both installation and teardown. This proactive approach fostered a secure environment, assuring the successful execution of the project.


Weathering the Elements: Battling High Winds and Rain

Mother Nature is an unpredictable force, and the April weather in Sonoma was no exception. ADAPTIV Structure Solution exhibited its mettle by effectively managing the challenges posed by high winds and rain during the installation. The team’s preparedness and adaptability demonstrated their commitment to delivering a seamless experience regardless of external circumstances.


A Canvas of Size: Dimensions and Scope

From April 3rd to 6th, 2019, the event stood as a testament to ADAPTIV Structure Solution’s capabilities. This four-day spectacle showcased the culmination of their efforts and innovation, leaving an indelible mark on all those who attended. The event space spanned an impressive area, with tents measuring 50m x 100m, 10m x 45m, and 10m x 50m. ADAPTIV Structure Solution’s ability to manage diverse sizes with equal finesse further underscored their expertise and versatility.


In retrospect, ADAPTIV Structure Solution’s installation for Shell’s “Make the Future” event at Sonoma Raceway was more than just a structural feat. It was a testament to creativity, innovation, safety, and adaptability. This project served as a showcase of their engineering excellence and an embodiment of their commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. As the echoes of the event continue to resonate, it stands as a beacon of inspiration for future ventures in the world of event infrastructure.