Adaptiv Structure Solutions

For the last two years, ADAPTIV Sturcture Solutions has had the contract for temporary facilities for a client’s annual showcase held at the Sonoma Raceway. The project includes three facilities – a 25m x 70m, a 30m x 40m and a 50m x 60m on 3’, 4’ and 5’ platforms, respectively. These facilities also include a network of ramps, stairs and access ways that address ADA, multiple front- and back-of-house entry points and roll-up doors that allow their experimental cars to be brought in and out of the facilities.
Installation is compressed into a seven-day build schedule with 28 employees working 24 hours a day, divided into two 12-hour shifts. The tight timeline of this event requires the build to occur in and around a race weekend at the track. Our company has to be closely integrated with the venue owner, maintain a safe and secure perimeter, as well as schedule deliveries and modifications that have the least amount of impact on the weekend’s operations.
As an energy company, our client has some of the highest level of safety and practice standards in the industrial, construction and event industry. We had no issue meeting these expectations and even assisted them in raising their standards. We are also responsible for coordinating our engineering, the client’s architect and the County of Sonoma to create a submittal package that meets the county’s strict event codes.