Adaptiv Structure Solutions

Project Overview:

In August 2018, ADAPTIV Structure Solutions successfully executed an innovative and engaging marketing event for the premiere of the animated movie “Small Foot.” This event, known as the “Small Foot Experience,” involved the creation of a captivating tent that transported children into the enchanting world of the film. ADAPTIV Structure Solutions designed, built, and managed the entire project, ensuring that the tent not only captured the essence of the movie but also provided a memorable and immersive experience for attendees.


Project Details:


  1. Conceptualization and Design: ADAPTIV Structure Solutions was tasked with transforming a parking lot on the corner of Vine Street and Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, CA into a captivating marketing event space that emulated the snowy and magical environment of the “Small Foot” movie. To achieve this, the team conceptualized a double-decker tent that combined custom visual elements, interactive installations, and practical facilities.
  2. Tent Customization: The tent was designed to resemble a key element from the movie, with custom printed vinyl tops showcasing the “Small Foot” logo and the adorable Yeti character. The vinyl tops not only served as an eye-catching branding element but also contributed to the immersive experience for visitors.
  3. Interactive Elements: Inside the tent, ADAPTIV Structure Solutions installed a fully functional elevator, two sets of stairs, a video tunnel, and a slide that allowed attendees to descend from the second floor. The incorporation of these interactive elements ensured that children could engage with the movie’s world in a playful and exciting manner.
  4. Environment Simulation: To further enhance the experience, the team provided a high-powered air conditioning unit that created an extra cold atmosphere, simulating the snowy environment of the movie. This attention to detail played a crucial role in immersing visitors in the world of “Small Foot.”
  5. Complex Logistics: Given the limited space available in the parking lot and the necessity to coordinate with various vendors, ADAPTIV Structure Solutions devised a meticulous logistical plan. The team implemented a layered schedule that ensured a smooth workflow, allowing the tent, lighting, flooring, and interactive elements to be set up in a coordinated manner.


Project Timeline: The “Small Foot Experience” took place from August 11 to September 14, 2018.

Project Location: The event was located in a parking lot on the corner of Vine Street and Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, CA.

Project Size: The tent’s dimensions were 20m x 30m x 8m (66’ x 98’ x 26’), featuring two stories. The total area covered was 6,468 square feet for the bottom level and top level combined, with an additional 2,304 square feet for the top floor.



ADAPTIV Structure Solutions demonstrated its expertise in executing a creative and immersive marketing event with the “Small Foot Experience.” Through innovative design, meticulous planning, and strategic coordination, the team successfully transformed a parking lot into a magical space that transported children into the world of the movie. This project showcases ADAPTIV’s ability to bring imaginative concepts to life, manage complex logistics, and create memorable experiences that align with the goals of its clients.