Adaptiv Structure Solutions

ADAPTIV Structure Solution’s Installation of the TWILIO SIGNAL CONFERENCE


Client Overview: ADAPTIV Structure Solutions, a leading event structure provider, successfully executed a remarkable installation for the Twilio Signal Conference on October 17-18, 2018. The event was held in front of the iconic Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and in Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco, CA. The client’s primary goals were to create a distinctive and impactful environment for the conference vendors, establish an eye-catching VIP registration tent, and manage the installation within a tight timeline.




  1. Statement-Making Vendor Tent: The client required a tent that not only accommodated all vendors but also made a powerful statement with a grand entrance. This necessitated a unique design and efficient execution to meet both functional and aesthetic objectives.
  2. VIP Registration Experience: The client wanted the registration area to exude exclusivity and elegance. The challenge was to create an entrance that would make all guests feel like VIPs while seamlessly integrating with the event’s overall design.
  3. Tight Timeline: The installation and tear-down timeline was incredibly demanding. Two separate crews, working day and night shifts, had to execute the complex setup within specific timeframes, ensuring timely completion.




  1. Vendor Tent Design: ADAPTIV Structure Solutions designed a 15m x 95m tent with a 15m x 15m Arcum structure on 8m legs. The unique Arcum design provided a visually striking focal point for the event. The graphics team created custom vinyl decals for the glass panels of the Losberger De Boer Arcum Structure. These graphics extended outwards to complement the banners on the rest of the tent, harmonizing the entire setup.
  2. VIP Registration Area: To meet the client’s vision of an exclusive registration area, ADAPTIV designed a 10m x 22.5m tent with glass walls and a clear top. The entrance was left open for guests to enter, with custom stairs leading seamlessly into the tent’s interior. Special attention was given to the flooring, where custom concrete covers with turf seamlessly connected with the tent floor, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.
  3. Timely Execution: To overcome the tight timeline, ADAPTIV Structure Solutions employed two dedicated crews—a day shift and a night shift. The larger 15m x 95m structure required three days for installation, while the 25m x 25m and 10m x 22.5m structures were set up in two days. For tear-down, ADAPTIV expedited the process, disassembling the 15m x 95m tent in 28 hours and the other two tents in 24 hours, ensuring a swift conclusion of the event.


Outcome: ADAPTIV Structure Solutions successfully delivered a transformative event experience for the Twilio Signal Conference. The distinctive Arcum design served as a captivating centerpiece, while the glass-walled VIP registration area enhanced guest experience. Despite the challenging timeline, ADAPTIV’s strategic planning and dedicated crews ensured the flawless installation and removal of the structures, maintaining the event’s schedule without compromise.


Conclusion: The TWILIO SIGNAL CONFERENCE case study highlights ADAPTIV Structure Solutions’ exceptional expertise in creating innovative event environments. By blending unique design elements, efficient execution, and strategic planning, ADAPTIV successfully met the client’s demands, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and event participants. This installation showcased ADAPTIV’s commitment to excellence and its ability to execute complex projects within demanding constraints.