Adaptiv Structure Solutions

ADAPTIV Structure Solutions was privileged to work with Gallagher, a Portland, Oregon-based experience agency to help create the Verizon Wireless 5G activation at Super Bowl LIV (2020) in Bayfront Park. ADAPTIV managed infrastructure and engineering for the external build (including the dome and the large sign features) as well as ADA-compliant design.
We used Steel Deck for the bottom floor with a trench plate underneath for ballasting. ModTruss structure completed the first and second floor, while siding and flashing constructed the rotunda surrounding the dome.
In addition, we installed powder-coated steel inset features, cable railing with handrails, an elevator and stairs, and auto sliding doors. The challenge was that no 40m Monopitch had ever been manufactured or attempted before. To add to the complexity of the project, they also requested that the hanging load per arch meet a minimum of 2,500 pounds each. We accepted the challenge and got to work with their engineers to create the industry’s first 40m Monopitch 40m in depth, 45m in width and a 53’ center height. The hanging load per arch met and exceeded 2,500 pounds. Custom baseplates, knee-braces and roof panels were all required to meet the goal. We were also tasked with providing heat and maintaining a 73-degree average at all times.


Other structures for the compound included a Press Tent, Cocktail Tent, Catering-Kitchen Tents and all Support Structures, totaling more than 35,000 square feet. Losberger De Boer, Steeldeck and All-Access Staging comprised the floor space and the walls were combination of vinyl, hard wall, and glass. This event usually takes six months of planning, three weeks to install, and five days to tear down.The biggest obstacle we overcame was working with NASA Engineers on a D Exposure and one of the highest safety standards in the nation.